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A creative writer, editor, digital content strategist, homeschooling mom — and above all, a storyteller.

I’m Frances Beldia, a creative writer and editor with years of professional experience in the publishing industry. I started my professional journey at the age of 18 working fun jobs like writing for newspapers and magazines, being a radio announcer and having my own talk show, teaching university students, and managing start-up projects. The platform has changed so much for writers/editors such as myself, that’s why my becoming a digital content strategist in recent years also became inevitable for me.

Whatever it is that I do though, it always circles back to me clutching a warm cup of tea and telling stories.

I love to tell stories and there’s no better way than to do them in a platform where possibilities are endless. The idea of being able to reach readers and listeners from all parts of the world appealed to me, and that’s why I started Cure for Mondays in 2011.

I still believe in telling stories the good old way. I hope you like to listen and stick around for a while.


EDITORIAL • multimedia communications management • copyediting and proofreading
• professional composition of news reports • technical writing • promotional articles for various
media • feature and business writing • media and public relations • search engine optimization

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT • recruitment • project management • office management
• application of content management solutions • team supervision

COMMUNICATION • broadcasting • marketing communications • events planning • voice talent

Recent Work Experience

Content Manager, Copy Editor at K8 Applied Innovation

Oversaw all content creation and day-to-day activities of the editorial team
for a Florida-based media and technology company with operations in New York and Manila. I worked directly with the publisher and senior officers based in the US to ensure that the web content is aligned with the Bold Business brand.

Digital Content and Marketing Manager for Ageless Magazine

Edited and wrote articles on health and wellness, planned and created B2B marketing collaterals. I also interviewed doctors and industry experts to gain a better insight of the health industry.

Associate Editor for The Big C Magazine

Conceptualized content for the health and lifestyle magazine, as well as supervised the lifestyle section and managed a team of writers.

E-mail me to see my complete CV

Read Some of My Published Articles on Technology, Travel, Health Breakthroughs, Mental and Environmental Health

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