About Cure for Mondays and a Teeny Weeny Bit About the Author

Who is behind Cure for Mondays?

Merry meet! My name is Frances Beldia, a creative writer and editor with more than 20 years of professional experience in the publishing industry. Whatever work I’ve done in the past {which includes being a radio announcer, talk show host, university teacher and communications specialist} are NOT the reasons why I’m here. I am a Frankincense-ingesting creative writer-editor inconsistently working on being consistent with my yoga practice {every damn day!} and who believes in the power of meditation. I am a mother of two old souls, and a wife to a demi-god in denial who bakes to-die-for keto cupcakes in the middle of the night for me, just because.

Why ‘Cure for Mondays’ and what is it about?

I created Cure for Mondays seven years ago because I found writing about motherhood, homeschooling, traveling, relationships and the daily grind quite amusing (seriously!). It’s no rocket science why I named this blog as such. The hating for Mondays goes beyond age, gender, religion and geographic location. Everybody hates it so much that we’ve made Monday a rock star in its own right.

Have we done anything right at all in those seven years?

Maybe so. Cure for Mondays was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Family and Relationships in the Bloggy’s 2015. People have also taken notice and have featured us in The Asian Parent and the Ched Project. The one thing that really keeps us going are the personal e-mails we get from people from across the globe. So yes, please get in touch so we can have that virtual coffee time, no matter how silly that sounds.

Why the interest in Health, Wellness and Healing?

Many years ago, my husband and I made the major shift when we realized that there was so much in the world that was causing people to become unhealthy and unhappy {both are undeniably synonymous}. As parents, it is our responsibility to answer big questions like why so many people are sick, depressed and are eating junk. We turned to organic food, personal-care products and formed a positivity movement at home that included yoga, meditation and gentle exercises. They’ve done us great, but being the earthlings that we are, the challenges sometimes are beyond us. You’ll find stories about that here, and yes, you’re welcome to share yours. E-mail us at cure4mondays@gmail.com.

Why are you homeschooling?

After many years of exploring and putting our son through traditional school, we knew that educating our children at home is the best option for our family. There is so much focus on ‘socialization’ and what our children should become that we forget what and who they are, here and now. They’re young people with insatiable thirst for knowledge, fearless of what will be, appreciative of what they have, focused in the now and are nothing but happy souls…until we put them in boxes where they fear being heard, forced to learn what they’re not ready for, be with people they don’t share the same interests with, and are taught to compete with others because that’s the only “acceptable” way to thrive. Since we started homeschooling seven years ago, we would already have made millions for every “why” and “what” and “you’re crazy!” we got from people around us. We’re happy that finally homeschooling has become mainstream here in the Philippines. We have several stories on homeschooling, tips and ideas. You’ll find them all here.

Do you accept article contributions?

Definitely! If you love writing about your experiences with parenthood; relationships; scopes in health, wellness and healing; travel; education; and if you want to share your healthy recipes with us and our readers, please e-mail us at cure4mondays@gmail.com. We promise to get back to you as soon as we can. As much as we’d like to pay for your article, we can’t and we won’t. We would like to build a community of like-minded people who enjoy sharing for the sincere and sole purpose of letting people who need information benefit from it. It’s a far cry from the online norm of attracting tribes and fighting for a spot on top. We’re small, have no delusions, but would like to help those who need us.

Is this a new home?

Yes, we’re still in the process of moving some of our stuff from the old house (Blogger) and finalizing some things over here, so please bear with us. We welcome suggestions, so send them our way.

You keep saying “we”…

Oh, about that…ours is a very small team of people with big hearts. Both my husband and son head the aesthetics, graphics and gastronomic department, and my wonderful friend, Tina, who’s an excellent web developer oversees all things technical. Attika is the gentle storm that inspires so many things in our lives, and thus, this blog,